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Between the World and Me reveals the truth about Coates’ life as a black man. In the face of racism in the United States, we all fight prejudice and encourage the growth of black youth in the United States.

If you’ve never lived like an African American in America, no one knows. Slavery and discrimination can be illegal. However, you can still see racism in every aspect of American public life.

In the film Between the World and Me, award-winning author and journalist Ta-Nehi Coates opens the curtains and reveals the dark state of America today. We see politics and culture giving them irregular and horizontal paths.

Counting wrote the book as a letter to teenagers. He shows a horrific life that is part of his black routine as he has systems that must be kept safe from harmful methods. This is a simple message. In the United States, traditional black bodies are excluded.

I learned three main lessons from this book. The first experiments with paint told about the inevitable truth in the dark.

Native Americans do not feel the color of their skin.

The American Dream is a blond blonde that is built on a black back. Go live and learn more about racism to better understand how to stop racism!

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Lesson one: The court soon realized that black was a potential danger.

Coates, who grew up in Maryland, witnessed the dark truth of racism at a young age. As the saying goes, “When I was young, being black in Baltimore was exposed to the elements of the world.”

He remembers another boy he didn’t know as a kid, calling himself after school. Across the street, the boy silently aimed his gun and reinserted it.

This terrible moment reinforces what we have seen before. He was accidentally and willfully abused simply because he was black.

Another important experience occurred at the university. A police officer shot Prince Jones in front of his girlfriend from Virginia. He chased Jones along the state border, accusing him of trying to escape. The police are known for lying. After Jones’ murder, police fell unpunished and returned to work.

Prince Jones has a bright future. I was applying to college, preparing to be a husband and father, but suddenly it took off. This experience in Coates’ mind sealed the fact that even if he tried to humble himself and succeed in life, security as a black man was not enough.

Lesson 2: Depending on your race, you live in a different version of America.

Scientists never understand what black is because they can not live in it. As a result, whites are often unable to understand the difference in treatment.

Blacks can’t even walk down the street without fear of being labeled by the people or the police.

One of the most obvious differences in the approach is police violence. A particularly tragic problem was finally revealed with the assassination of unarmed Michael Brown. However, this is a permanent problem.

Another difference in the experience is that the standard of living and prison conditions are very restrictive.

Due to the lack of budgets and public programs in the black community, poverty rates are high and some drugs promote crime. So the number of black men who are closed is much more unequal than the number of white men. 

Lesson 3: The American Dream Made Behind the Black Dream.

The American Dream believes that everyone in America has a chance to succeed. This may sound positive, but looking back we see that it depends on black obedience.

This happened for the first time through slavery, because the rich South depended on slaves to get their wealth. He later suffered from a monopolistic and racist society. Even after the civil rights movement, there was institutional racial discrimination.

The American dream can only exist through ignorance of racism. And even those that have to keep it up, such as the school system and those responsible for law and order, cannot keep their eyes off the racial issue.

Blacks are classified as participating in crime and violence and face a lack of funding for safe and vibrant communities. So it’s a dream that doesn’t apply to blacks as much as to whites. After all, if American agencies see you as a criminal, how can you trust them to make your dreams come true? It may not be a white dream, but as Coates points out, the problem is that it is a white dream, to begin with. Because white people define the meaning of success, when a black man achieves his dream, he needs the role of a “successful black man.” Because success is different for everyone, Coates said, we need to shed the myth of the American Dream to become a more inclusive and free society.

Reviews Between the world and me

I feel white and I can hardly comment on racism and blackmail. But there is an important means of opening my eyes between the world and myself, and I think everyone should read it. Everyone deserves a good opportunity, and I’m sure this book will help guide the world in the right direction.

Who would I recommend in summary Between The World And Me?

A 62-year-old white couple battling racism, a 32-year-old man who is interested in politics and wants to learn more about current social issues, and anyone interested in American history.

There are quotes with page numbers between the world and me

“Dobrý Good Intention is a historical room and a sleeping pill that protects your dreams.”

This part of page 33 of part one appears when Coates talks about his childhood experiences in the school system. Coates eyed the streets and schools of animals with both hands. If a child speaks on the street, they will be hurt. If he fails school, he will be stopped and then taken back to the street where he was injured.

The company can then realize that he is innocent and tell him that he should stay in school. The community does not take any responsibility for the welfare of children. When Coates says “good faith,” he means everyone who handles birds between school and the street. Their teachers may have good intentions, but they have received little help.

The problem in good faith is that they do not take real responsibility. It’s a passive way of justifying the many black children who end up on the streets without going to school.

The second part of this quote revolves around the “dream”. Cout is currently described as an ideal perspective, where the country is useful and innocent. He pointed out that nobody can say that he wanted to wear black in the street. 

But nobody wants a personal responsibility to identify the problem of black Jewish neighborhood groups. The mistakes of the teacher in personal responsibility and how he can go to a good man and cannot go to prison, but these conversations are not “American criminal responsibility”, which emphasizes generations of violence against blacks.

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Between the world and me analysis

Coats begins to think back to the time he was “called” to teach the white world his view of racism and American history. However, this is compounded by the fact that there is a huge gulf between the black world (including Coates himself) and the public he speaks about. 

He points out that the proof of this lies in the fact that he was asked to explain his views, even though all the necessary evidence, in his view, was already in the white legends of American history.

What is the main point between the world and me?

Penny and the Scientist’s book has been called a book on race, but the author argues that race itself is a flawed, even useless concept – it’s nothing more than a smokescreen for racism, if any.

What is Coates’ message between the world and me?

Arguing that the exploitation and oppression of African Americans is intertwined with white aspirations for security and material prosperity, Coates said the dream would not exist without racial injustice.

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