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Joshua Maponga Biography | Age, Career & Net Worth

Joshua Maponga is a public speaker, writer, philosopher, leader, musician, and social entrepreneur born in Zimbabwe. He moved to Zimbabwe from South Africa, where he spent more than 20 years under pressure to leave the country.

Joshua Maponga Background

He was the oldest and oldest of five children. Manga flew to South Africa and Swaziland in late 1998 and flew to London, England. Maponga lived with his ex-wife in Birmingham and South Essex, Norfolk. He returned to South Africa and began a new career in marketing, consulting, and manufacturing.

Joshua Maponga Education

He wrote himself as the religion of Berrien Springs Michigan USA. Maponga said he wanted to make techniques and medicines, but his father gave him another way. Joshua’s father was a pastor and minister released by jail and death in 1997, and at that time he did not know how he saw his father again.

His father went to a religious environment after his release. Joshua continues his research in theology and philosophy and works in the church for the past 33 years. Maponga has a BA in Philosophy (BA in Theology) and a Ministry of Personnel. [2] He developed local consultants and supported emerging construction companies and manufacturers in the implementation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) entrepreneurial training initiative (CET).

Joshua Maponga Career

Maponga was 33 years old and received drivers in Pentecost and the Gospel community. He worked in the same organization of all the development of entrepreneurs, 7th Jubilee Church of South Africa, World Management Center (UK).

Joshua Maponga offers various brand experiences in finance, nonprofit organizations, and project management with multinational corporations such as Vodacom, SAPO, ABS Vision, Prasa, SAPO, College of Milpark, and Saps.

Maponga is registered, developed, produced, presented, and recorded in television programs. In 2010, Joshua’s show was added by the Gospel to the entertainment list. [4]. His second show, Behind the Gospel, was also aired on DSTV Channel One Gospel. There are other late talk shows, “ED” channels, and other educational channels.

Maponga is the CEO of Thinking Farmers Institute. He also has two organizations. Zimbabwe Indigenous Peoples Movement (ZIM) and “AIM”-The Africa Indigenous Peoples Movement sees all intellectual property domestically to transform Africa, which is the model for all other countries.

Joshua Maponga SDA Suspension

In 2020 Maponga was closed by the SDA. SDA, in a letter signed by South Africa’s mission, personal ministry, education, and conservation officer Michael Rubube Ngwaru, said he was concerned about the content of the gospel being preached by Maponga and how it would convey it.

Maponga was prohibited from attending, speaking, preaching, and serving in church functions in the Indian and Southern Ocean areas.

Homophobic Slur

In 2018, before the equity position ELIZABETH at equality, Mabonga in South Africa appeared allegations that sexual persons are less than animals.

Joshua Mabonga admitted that he could be left, but repeated that he did not see why he “suspended the cross” and should change the politics of the church or the Bible.

The manga was criticized by the Commission in South Africa and ended on January 13, 2018, in the position of speech equality at the request of Kwamagxaki.

The same church saw the comments of Mabonga and stated that he was not in the office of the church. In Shaka, a member of the Zolani Simayi Church, 43, Van East London, who was claimed during the Sermon of the Manga, and the Karogospre humiliated people for gays and even more because dogs were not Confused like gay, like male dogs of sympathetic woman. In response to this claim, Mapunga issued a two-part apology to the broadcaster, saying only that he did not know he wanted more. Joshua Maponga said-

“I sent him two excuses, and now he wants another excuse – does he apologize for stopping me from preaching? He wants to teach the church but he can’t crucify me – I can’t change the Bible. “

In his apology to SAHRC, Mabunga quoted Romanian writers to say that homosexuality is unnatural. Some of the excuses given by Mabunga of the South African Human Rights Commission are: 

” It is a pity to use the image of a “dog” to explain this biblical text. I apologize for the pain I have caused, I worthily understand the seriousness of the problem of truth, and I preach the gospel without compromising the humanity of others. The amount of damage to debate and speech is undeniable.”

Alleged Marital Affair

In April 202, Kwazulu Natal, without a 29-year-old Newcastle woman, saw Maponga and the sun. He told Maponga to imitate him, but he destroyed him. When the daily sun was pregnant on February 20, 2021, I reported a recorded clinical document that recorded clinical document that failed February 20, 2002, when I aborted. The woman said how the claim started. This woman was sent social messages in October 2020. He said he said one of his colleagues introduced one of his colleagues. But he checked them regularly.

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