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Steve Joseph is a famous Malayali actor, content creator, and social media celebrity. Later he started making Tiktok videos and he gained huge popularity and followers so he also worked on many music videos and YouTube videos. So far, Instagram has 1.8 million followers and other social networks have millions of followers. Steve Joseph was born on the 14th of March 2001 in Patnam Teta, Kerala, India. In 2022 he will be 21 years old.

In November 2020, Steve Joseph suffered a serious accident, which forced him to spend several weeks in the hospital. Although he was discharged, a wound on his left eye, which had not healed completely a year ago, was clearly visible.

Steve Joseph has been a big hit on social media, appearing in music videos, commercials, and shorts, and there’s no doubt he has a good chance of working on next year’s film. It is currently unknown what he will do after he leaves the post, but rumors are circulating on social media that he is dating a content creator. Be sure to visit our blog regularly as we continue to provide details about their new relationship on this site.

Steve Joseph’s Birthday Facts

Steve Joseph is a well-known Malayali actor, content creator, and social media celebrity. By making the video, Tiktok gained a lot of followers on his account.

He was born on March 14, 2001, in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India. Steve Joseph was born and raised in his home country. Steve Joseph has been a huge hit on social media, appearing in music videos, brand endorsements, and more. He celebrates his birthday every March.

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In 2019, Steve Joseph started the journey of creating content by creating Dubsmash videos. Later, Dubsmash Videos started creating roles for TikTok and Instagram. They have established themselves as a popular social media provider with millions of followers. He also appeared in several music videos which were liked by millions. He continues to improve his skills and this is likely to be his first film.

Steeve Joseph TikTok Videos Making Age

Indian TikToker has created a huge following in his account, where he publishes a lot of videos, and people like and comment on his videos. According to information, 21-year-old Steeve Joseph. Steeve has been interested in making videos since childhood. The young talent has a huge impact in the social networking sector.

Who is Steve Joseph’s Sister?

Sandra Hannah Joseph is a lip artist, model, and social media influencer. She is the sister of Steve Joseph, who is often called a movie star on social networks. Sandra Hanna Joseph was born on the 14th of November 1999 in Kony, Kerala, India. He is 23 years old. He first appeared in a Tiktok movie with his brother and won praise.

After banning Tiktok in India, he created content on MyJosh and Instagram Reels. According to the information, his Instagram account has about 524,000 followers under the name “@sandrahannah_”.

Steeve Joseph On Instagram

Steve Joseph, a young social media influencer, has had a successful career. He is also active on social networks which many people see. According to the source on Instagram. Stevejoseph._ has 1.7 million followers and is active.

He often posts photos and videos of her that many people would like to see, like, and comment on. Steve thanked fans for the love and support they had received from him in such a short time.


Steeve Joseph is a creative actor who can get famous by TikTok. Many people get popularity from TikTok but Steeve Joseph is different from others. Because he is trying to create something new every day. His creativity influences people who love him. We are trying to find some information about Steeve Joseph’s biography. If you can get more information about him then give us feedback by comments. Thank you for supporting us and choosing our website for more information.

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