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Which Is The Best Hogwarts House And Why | Our Opinion

HUFFLEPUFF- “I will teach them a lot and I will treat them the same.” They are hardworking, patient, loyal, and believe in fair play. They believe they are right. Take Cedric Diggory. He is a classic example of this. Dumbledore’s speech after his death showed that he was “a good and faithful friend, a hard worker who appreciates honest play.” 

This last quality is key. During the POA, when Harry falls off a broom due to dementia and Cedric catches a goldfinch, he feels guilty. He said if he saw Harry fall, he wouldn’t cancel the game. He even offered a repeat. During GOF, he told Harry about the egg only because Harry informed him about the dragon – he repaid the favor.

Now I know what you think – playing honestly is not a big problem, just etiquette – -. But really? Think about it. In this competitive world, it is very difficult to play fair. When was the last time you got more information and kept it to yourself to gain a competitive advantage, even if someone else helped you? We do it all the time. Doing the right thing in today’s world requires real energy. Cedric felt obliged to give Harry a tip about the egg.

He has no hidden motive, unlike Moody’s, Crouch, which would guarantee him victory. Harry is his competitor. That he deserves it just to use it to gain more advantage, right? SALOP! He is confronted between what is fast (use it as an advantage) and what is good (share knowledge with Harry). He made the right choice because he was right. That, my dear friends, is Mrzimor.

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Gryffindor- “Perhaps you belong to Gryffindor, where a brave heart lives. Her courage, nervousness, and ingenuity set her apart from Gryffindor.” The Gryffindors are brave and brave. Bring Hermione Granger. She’s always been Gryffindor. Despite being socially clumsy and Muggle, he did not doubt that he stood up for “The Boy Who Lived” when he felt he was doing something wrong. He rebuked them for their midnight meeting. 

Despite being ridiculed by most, if not all, students, and even ridiculed by a teacher (Snape), he is always eager to learn and attend classes. He was nervous and brave enough to get up. Even though Malfoy is purebred with a strong connection, she does not doubt that she will fight and resist him. This is Gryffindor.

Unconvinced? See Lily Potter. Not only did he not defeat Voldemort once, not twice, but three times, but he dared to stand up for him. He asks her to save Harry and kill him instead. He also knew that making the last sacrifice would protect Harry. Despite being Muggle-born, he had no problem standing up to the wreckers as they harassed Snape. And let me tell you – it’s not easy to stand up to a bunch of tyrants who are notorious at school. It takes courage.

Ravenclaw – “Peace is man’s greatest resource.” Ravenclaw values ​​knowledge, education and wisdom. They like to learn new things and have knowledge. See Professor Kratiknot. He is an expert in his field. He is so good at the charm that he is an experienced duelist. See Luna Lovegood. He knows all things. 

Not only does he know a lot about Narges, but he’s the only one who can help Harry with the DH tiara. Although he is not a leader at school, he certainly knows many topics that will interest him. She may not be the best at school, unlike Percy, or she always saves the lives of her friends, unlike Hermione, but she’s kind of smart.

Raven’s claws confirm the important thing in the sense that prioritizing school and being intelligent do not always go hand in hand. This is an important message because people tend to associate good numbers with wisdom. This lowers their horizons.

Let me explain with an example. My younger brother, who lives with my aunt in India, only has numbers, so the company doesn’t think he’s that bad. But in fact, he is intelligent and knows a lot about topics that interest him – such as science. But he doesn’t care about math and other subjects. I reminded him a lot of Luna.

Slytherin – We all know how this house produces “bad eggs”. The descendant of this house is none other than Voldemort. However, we must remember that just as every house has bad people (Pettigrew, Lockhart, etc.), it also has heroes. So is Slytherin. Snape, RAB, Merlin – to name a few.

We all know how cunning, ambitious, thirsty for power, and so on. That’s why I’m going to pick up the often-ignored part of Slytherin – that’s the good part. Slytherins can be incredibly brave. Look at Snape – because Lily’s life was in danger because of the prophecy, she was spying for command and she was spying on Voldemort.

He played a long game, suppressing emotions and giving Dumbledore useful information. It costs a lot of courage – Voldemort is a damn scary monstrous spy and will live with the fear of coughing up hats.

Not convinced yet? Let’s look at RAB. Regulus Black, Sirius’ younger brother, first came to Voldemort because he was influenced by the Black family’s prejudices about pure blood and probably also because of Bellatrix Black. Everything went well until Voldemort decided to use Kratura and kill him. This shocked Regulus, who decided to stop.

It takes courage, because when they came to Voldemort, no one stopped, but is that all he did? NO! He went to that cave and stole a vital thing like a teenager. She gives it to Krácher and asks him to destroy it. It can be assumed that he lost his life in the process. Ladies and gentlemen, that takes courage. Now you may think it’s not that big – Harry does it too! Poorly!!!

Although Harry had fought Voldemort since childhood, he always had support. Dumbledore or his friends were with him when he was looking for a vital. Harry didn’t risk having to face his parents’ anger because of it. Regulus, on the other hand, is likely to continue hunting with Krácher and risks facing his parents’ anger when he finds out that he resists Voldemort.

Lastly, my answer to the question? There is no “best” house. Each house has its good features. In addition, all 4 houses together include Hogwarts. Warts were built by 4 people. Represents all four except the name “Hogwarts”. H for Mrzimor, G for Gryffindor, R for Havraspár and S for Slytherin. The layout of the 4 houses symbolizes the layout of today’s people. houses divide people based on virtue. 

We divide based on religion, race, nationality, and so on. The idea gained in the Harry Potter series is unity. The Ootp Sorting Hat advises students to get involved from within. Also during the last battle in the Deathly Hallows, all the houses came together. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Mrzim Or – whatever you can think of. 

Even the Slytherins fought. Slughorn fought, even though he had just gone to see Voldemort receive him with open arms – he had no defeat. Snape also fights in his way, even if he doesn’t get it (except revenge). In the same way, we humans need to work together to solve problems.


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