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Who told you to stay away? The fact that scholars at the time did not include it in the biblical canon does not mean that you cannot read it. If you are interested, read it. You may be interested to know that Jesus knew this manuscript and read it according to the Book of Urantia. It was in his early years at the age of 15. 

The idea of ​​the Jewish Messiah and he was convinced that he was not the Messiah. He sought the help of his father’s people but never expected to lead the Jewish army to overthrow foreign rule in Palestine. He knew that he had never sat on the throne of David in Jerusalem, nor did he. 

He believes that his mission was to be a spiritual savior or moral teacher only for the Jewish people, and therefore his life mission could never be the fulfillment of intense desires and alleged messianic prophecies from the Hebrew Scriptures, at least not as the Jews understood it. These prophecies of the prophets. He also made sure that he would not appear as the Son of Man described by the prophet Daniel.

But when the time comes to show up as a world teacher, what will he call himself? What does he say about his mission? What will be the name of those who believe in his teachings?

While repeating all these problems in his mind, he found this manuscript, called the Book of Enoch, in the library of the Nazarene Synagogue among the apocalyptic books he had studied; and even though he was sure that Enoch had not written it in ancient times, it was of great importance to him, and he read and read it many times. 

There is one passage that appeals to him in particular, the passage in which this term “Son of Man” occurs. The author of this so-called Book of Enoch further tells about this Son of Man, describes the work that will be done on earth, and explains that this Son of Man, before he came to this earth to bring salvation to the people, is gone.

The judgments of heavenly glory with his Father, the Father of all; and that he turned all his majesty and glory to come down to the earth, to proclaim deliverance to the needy mortals. 

As Jesus read these passages (clearly understanding that much of the Eastern mysticism mixed with these teachings was incorrect), he answered in spirit and knew in spirit that of all the prophecies about the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures and all the theories about the Jewish Savior, none as close to the truth as this story is hidden in this one part of the accredited Book of Enoch; and he and there decided to accept the “Son of Man” as his inaugural title.

And he did that when he began his public work. Jesus had the infallible ability to discern the truth, and he never hesitated to accept the truth, no matter what the source seemed to come from.

The introduction states: “Our search for deeper understanding often goes beyond the Dêrom Bible itself. Therefore, to fully understand the Bible, we must be attracted to sources other than the Bible. These sources add to the historical,” Social, resp. 

The theological understanding of biblical times. However, in the case of Enoch, we do not understand the Bible. We are more than our Bible. The Book of Enoch is in the Bible of the Ethiopian Christian Church.

Are there any reasons to avoid the Book of Enoch?

There is absolutely no reason to avoid the Book of Enoch. laid the groundwork for the following key beliefs, including A spirit world with evil spirits with a leader; War in Heaven; Eschatology; eschatological messiah (s); resurrection; and so on. Now it’s not so radical, but at the time they were. It shows how important they are.

Do not limit your question to 1 Enoch, because others like The Psalms of Solomon, Jubilees, etc. are just as influential. Note that eschatological enthusiasm erupted in the second book of this period, compiled in the 2nd century BC, the Book of Daniel (very late for the prophets, as it is in Scripture). 

Just as the Book of Enoch is attributed to a past “hero,” the same process is followed in the Book of Daniel. The New Testament writers, who were part of the Second Temple of Judaism, used literature in its entirety. Jesus’ Judaism was a product of the time and did not reflect Judaism in Hebrew many centuries earlier.

10 facts about the book of Enoch

  1. Enoch’s 1st Book was discovered in Abyssinia in 1773 by a Scottish explorer named James Bruce. It is an apocryphal book of the Ethiopian Bible, which is usually dated between the 3rd century BC. and the 1st century AD.
  2. Some early Christ-followers considered it sacred, but it was not in the Bible and disappeared for centuries until it was rediscovered in 1773. It was translated by Richard Laurence in 1821 and published in many editions.
  3. The 3rd Book of Enoch is a rabbinic text originally written in Hebrew and usually dates from the 5th century AD.
  4. Book of the Watchers (1-36) – The first part of the book is about “The Watchers,” a group of “angels” sent to Earth to watch over people. 200 of these angels committed an offense by having something with humans and creating a race called the Nephilim. When the sons of men were multiplied, they brought beautiful and fair daughters in those days: and the shepherds, children of heaven, saw and sought them out.
  5. The Keepers are said to have taught people to write, weapons, read, prophecy, cosmetics, and meteorology. This is problematic because it takes away people the opportunity to discover art on their own. He showed them the metals of the earth and how gold is made to suit it, and over silver. make these bracelets and jewelry for women. He showed them antimony and eye pigments and all kinds of precious stones and pigments. And the sons of men made them for themselves, and their daughters and they transgressed and deceived the saints. And there was much wickedness in the land, and they made it desolate.
  6. Book of the Simility (37-71) – This part of the book seems to be based on the Book of Watchers, however, it represents a later development of the idea of ​​definitive judgment and eschatology. # 7 The Book of Parables uses the term “Son of Man” for the eschatological protagonist, also called the Chosen One, the Righteous, and the Messiah, and describes his throne of glory at the Last Judgment.
  7. Book of the Astronomical Writings (72-82) – This part of the book contains descriptions of the motion of celestial objects and space, as the knowledge revealed to Enoch on his journeys to heaven under the direction of Uriel.
  8. Book of Dream Visions (83-90) – This part of the book deals with the history of Israel up to what is largely interpreted as the Maccabean Rebellion. In addition, this part of the book, which is nearing completion, describes God’s appointment of 70 angels to protect the Israelites from serious harm from “wild animals and birds.”
  9. The second book of Enoch is in the Old Slavic Bible.
  10. It is primarily a description of Enoch’s journeys to the 7 heavens and includes specific revelations given to Enoch and Enoch to encourage his children.

What is special about the Book of Enoch?

Enoch contains remarkable material on the origins of demons and the Nephilim, why certain angels fell from heaven, an explanation of why the flood of Genesis was morally necessary, and a prophetic statement about the millennial reign of the Messiah.

Who Wrote the Book of Enoch and when was it written?

Book 3 of Enoch, Hebrew Enoch or 3 Enoch, is a rabbinic text originally written in Hebrew that usually dates back to the fifth century AD. Some scholars believe that it was written by Rabbi Ishmael (2nd century AD), who was acquainted with the 1st Enoch and the 2nd Enoch.

The Secret Mechanism Of Heaven

Much of Ethiopia’s Enoch’s book is devoted to journeys accompanied by Enoch’s angel through the secret mechanisms of heaven and earth. Without context, many revelations may sound like a cuckoo banana in terms of how everything is designed. With a little context, it’s much better. Most of the ancient world believed that the Earth was a snowball: a flat disk of earth surrounded by water, a celestial dome that covered it with stars on its inner surface, and several layers of sky between the breathable. outdoors air and darkness. 

There are famous YouTubers who also believe that. In Chapter 18, Enoch sees the upper air warehouse where wines are stored, as well as mountains made of precious gems, giant pillars of fire, and the literal edge of the Earth, facing a gaping hole. In chapter 41, Enoch sees more space warehouses, where angels store ice and wind, fog, clouds, and the sun and moon. 

However, the whole third part of Enoch is known as the Book of Astronomy, and for good reason. It is based on the clockwork of the sun and moon orbits across the sky and how they follow tracks like a roller coaster through many celestial gates and tells of the movement of the sun in the sky throughout the year.

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