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In addition to the name change, the character’s identity with the “You’re My Destined I Love You” remake is based on the original version. Who are Lee Jaulin and Dylan in this case? What is his relationship with Anna? According to the posters on display, Dylan has an artistic vibe. He devotes himself to art every day and has something he wants to devote himself to. Dylan was born very simply. He is responsible for the art auction department. He has a clean head, is smart, and has a lot of fun. He isn’t interested in precious works of art, but he likes new things that haven’t been developed yet, so he likes to be challenged and changed, unlike the average person.

Dylan’s original name is Dai Jianren, played by Chen Chute, and his personality and personality have not changed. Dylan has a keen eye and heart. I like dealing with people. His parents have died since childhood and his sister is in his care. However, he was adopted by an orphanage due to an accidental sibling separation. Over the years, Dylan did not stop looking for his brother.

Dylan had not grown up in the whole family. She grows faster than other children her age and can do many things on her own. Dylan, on the other hand, is less complex and strong in appearance. With a fearful heart, he wishes his greatest wish to be no more children who have lost parents and families like him. 

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The plot of You Are My Destiny

Dylan thinks that the woman he respects and loves must be a piece of jade, and when Chen Jiaxin arrives, Dylan knows something is happening. At first, Dylan thought his younger brother was a god and wanted to protect him. Dylan later learns that she is Anna’s sister, but Dylan does not want to deal with Chen Jiaxin. I

Dylan loves himself. When ChenJiaxin and WangXia broke up for seven years, Dylan was silent next to her. But Dylan did not win Chen Jia-Xin’s heart. The two are ready to do anything.

You are my destiny” ended with “Shi Anna” who killed Chen Jiaxin’s son and finally forgave him all.

You are My Destiny has become the most popular internet drama since its remake. Perhaps the connection between the drama is why many might suspect that the plot was misused. But this drama has changed a lot, so spending time with Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xi was nice. The public almost forgot that Wang shi was a fraud.

In the last story, we see that Wang Shii is in love with Chen Jiaxin and Chen Jiaxin is also in love with Wang Xiao. Anna’s Wang Xia was completely disappointed, especially after Chen Jiaxin’s birthday. Anna said she was going to celebrate her birthday, but she hasn’t come yet. Later, Wang Xia and Chen Jia Xin celebrated her birthday, and their relationship continued to grow.

But when they decided to be together, Anna returned. He discovered Wang Zhi’s fraud and also found out that Chen Jiaxin was one of Wang Zhi Yi’s pregnant children. Only Wang Xi could tell Anna everything, and Anna was very sad. However, he gladly accepted the son of Chen Jiaxin Wang Zhi. Anna told Wang Zhi she didn’t celebrate her birthday because she saw a picture with Chen Jiaxin, who influenced the show. He could no longer realize the swan’s dream.

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What will happen to Sianna?

He returned to King Xiyi’s hands. Qin has already decided about Kashin, so what about Sianna? What will happen to him?

Shi Anna is very suitable for Wang Xiyi who are very good friends and good people. But Pearl’s grandmother was right. The two are very similar and very happy. In particular, Anna asks Wang Zhi to wait for her. We can see that she loves herself more.

It is about Shi Anna’s childhood. Shi Anna is the sister Dylan is looking for. When he was a child, he played a cache at Dylan, an accidental market, and was deprived of his family. After being adopted, he did not feel safe.

Wang Xiyi is her most important husband, but the main man is married to others and must be divorced from women who knew her for three months. Anna is recognized, but when King Xiyi wants to announce that Chen Jiaxin is a Wang family woman. Anna Blackens, Chen Jiaxin is responsible for divorce contracts in the bag and Chen Jiaxin does not like Wang Xiyi. 

This means that Chen Jia Xin was hit by a running car accident. Wang Ziyi, Lola Pearl, Lin Zishi, Ziuling, and others were amazed. Anna also regretted being pregnant with Chen Jiashin, but she did not tell the truth. And even after Chen Jiaxin left Wang Xia, he wanted to be with Wang Xia, but Wang Xia refused.

Years later, Chen Jiaxin came back and Anna realized she was wrong. He apologizes to everyone, is arrested, and reunites with his sister Dale.

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